Dante’s Toys is a cartoon created by Rakeem Miles and animated by

16 year old Oliver Fredericksen. Dante's Toys is about a group of toys who

go out on new adventures and missions. The show

takes place in Oakland, CA. Miles, the leader of the

group, is always declaring what he and the other toys should be

accomplishing each day. When Dante (the 10 year-old who

owns all the toys) isn’t in the mood to play and drive

everyone crazy, each toy is assigned a

unique task or journey. They go on missions such as

acquiring materials for daily survival in Dante’s room,

playing at the park, going to Dante’s school, becoming superheroes,

encountering their rival toys from across the street,

killing zombies, much more. There are unique stories for the

characters each episode, which eventually end up

correlating. There are fight scenes, drama, love affairs, and most of all, comedy.

Each toy brings noteworthy qualities to the table, making

every episode more and more intriguing as characters

begin to develop and reveal more of themselves. The

humor is immature and can be crude, partnered with colorful animation.